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Anthony “Truckstop” Trucks


I help trainers design and build better businesses so they can live the life they set out to create 

You’re nothing. You’re worthless. No one loves you. You have no reason for living. That is what the world told me as my first memories on this planet. My first vivid memory of life is being handed away by my mother at 3 years old. My three siblings and I would enter the foster care system and spend the earliest years of life feeling less than human. I experienced physical and mental abuse, starvation, and torture. All before the age of 6 before I was placed into a home where I would eventually be adopted 8 years later as the sole black person in a poor all white family.

I wasn’t allowed to play any sports as an outlet during those 8 years, and I spent 6 years years as the bad stinky kid in class where I literally had teachers pull their hair out in frustration. Only to go home to be abused by my first foster dad who would also beat my foster mom. To say I was in a bad environment and felt minuscule as a person is an understatement.

My life’s been riddled with ups and downs from the start, and they haven’t slowed down three decades later. I had to sever my biological mother’s rights in person in court at 14 from the stand to get adopted, my foster brother almost died, my foster mom contracted an incurable disease called MS, I got arrested at 17 at gunpoint, I found God, I earned a college scholarship, found my biological father who didn’t know I existed at 19, had my first son in college at 20, three grandparents passed, one grandparent by suicide, I played in the NFL, and I was cut twice before ending my NFL career due to an injury.

I’ve still always been determined to win in life. I then opened a successful 6 figure gym that I almost lost multiple times, found out my dad did know about me all those years at 29 before he passed, and came minutes from taking my own life after my high school sweetheart had a heart shattering affair after we had our second and third children; a set of twins that we almost lost before their birth.

For many people these life issues would leave them broken and unable to function in life, but for me it was the opposite. I’ve fought HARD and come out successful on the other side.

My name is Anthony Trucks and I’m now a father of 3, former NFL player, former gym owner, international speaker, author, six figure consultant, and guy who genuinely loves to improve peoples lives by teaching them how to design and actually build a better one.

The numbers show that 75% of prison inmates are former foster kids.

And 1% of foster kids graduate from college

I beat the odds to stay out of jail and earn my degree in kinesiology.  Then I…..  

Went on play college football and then play in the NFL
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Started Trucks Training from scratch and built it to multiple 6 figures

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Now get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars as a corporate consultant

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became a best selling author and international speaker

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Get to travel the world with my family and give back to kids like me

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Started getting featured in national and local media

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Had the creator of the Spartan Race interview me and write about me in Inc. Magazine

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Got to speak about health & fitness in front of 1,500 people at High Performance Academy

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Run LIVE events for current and aspiring business owners

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Was on National Geographic’s Remote Survival

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Have created 9 online brands and/or products

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Now I live life to the absolute fullest and enjoy every moment of it!!

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I coach clients every day on starting and running their businesses

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I teach trainers how to build a real business they can retire from.I do this through my 3-step Trust Your Hustle process: See, Sacrifice, Sustain.

I deliver my three-step process through coaching, online courses, trainings, and speeches.

I became an entrepreneur at 3 years old (sounds weird I know, it’ll make sense in a minute)…

When I was given away at 3 years I felt alone, unprepared for the future, unwanted, scared, unsure and essentially on an island. The same first feeling an entrepreneur feels when they TRULY take the first step and start their journey, as I have to help you. It’s also the first feeling YOU felt when life got to the point of overwhelm and you couldn’t handle it anymore.

I didn’t let those early experiences affect how I lived my life and I decided to work to become great. The decision happened 11 years later when a girl in my freshman English class in high school said something to her friend while I was half asleep under a big black parka eating a baggie full of cinnamon toast crunch.

She said, “The reason I’m so bad is because I’m in foster care”. By this time I had been adopted after 11 years in the system. I had just been allowed to play football for the first time, a game I LOVED, but I sucked so I was about to give it up. My adoptive mom was diagnosed with MS, my foster brother left to the military, and I was failing classes because I had stopped trying. Her words made me sick with myself because I knew I sounded like that too.

I made a decision to be GREAT that night. At that point all I wanted was to be great at football. So I worked my ass off and came back the next year a monster. Over the following years I accomplished a lot. All of that happened after I stopped having the same excuse as that girl.

Back then I learned what it meant to TRUST YOUR HUSTLE and succeed by putting in the effort necessary to make lasting change.

That’s the second feeling we all feel. The feeling of wanting to give up on our dream because it’s just too hard. It’s defeating and robs the world of the gift of YOU.

75% of prison inmates are former foster youth, 1% of foster youth ever actually graduate college, an even smaller percentage of human beings ever get a chance to play in the NFL, and I am one of the 2-5% of people to keep a business successful past 5 years.

On paper I am a statistical impossibility because I somehow achieved all of those things.

What I realized was that it was because my adoptive mom had impacted me in such a powerful way that I beat my own negative destiny. On April 15, 2014 I held my adoptive moms right hand as she took her last breath and lost her 17 year battle with MS. It left me questioning what I was supposed to be doing in life. I knew it was more than running a gym.

I had accomplished many things in life and realized it was because of her IMPACT on me. It was because of THAT impact I was impacting others. I realized she, and my life, built me to share that same unconditional love with the world. I am drawn to impact the world and make it a better place than I entered it.

That’s the third and final lasting feeling we all have when we think of our final days. The desire to leave an IMPACT and a LEGACY that improves the world in the best way we can.

“The last person I want to meet on my deathbed is the person I could have been”

So I impact the those who impact the world, or just their world.