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John Cirak | After Divorce. A Single Life On Your Own

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John Cirak’s Bio

After 35 years in advertising, two nervous breakdowns, and two divorces John Cirak has found what he loves doing most, and that is coaching divorced men and women how to remain authentic, while becoming better versions of themselves and improving their social and dating skills.

He’s the founder of The EX-perienced Bachelor and the go-to coach for divorced men and women who want to improve their social and dating skills.


I was divorced after 29 years of marriage, the first time and after only 19 months the second time. Both were devastating emotional events which took me several years to recover from. Then, after one too many depressed weekends alone I decided to do something about it and my own quest for love and companionship resulted in me changing careers to coach divorced men and women on how to improve their social and dating skills and find new partners.


Several years ago I began studying to become a coach and from that The EX-perienced Bachelor was born. Initially a blog on the web and now a coaching practice including “The Apprentice Bachelor” an online program which is also about to be published as a book.


“The divorce rate among those over 50 is the fastest growing segment of total divorce statistics” “Baby Boomers are driving those statistics. They are more affluent, fitter, healthier and living longer. Many reach their 50’s having accomplished much of what they set out to do, got married, bought a house, started a family, a business and now they find themselves at 50 asking themselves “Is this all there is?”


Divorce presents them with a new chapter in their life story but most are unprepared and under-skilled to write it with flair. They’ve been husbands and wives for so long, they don’t know how to handle the singles lifestyle. The many rejections they’ve had has set them back to the point where they no longer try and so they spend their weekends at family BBQs and watching videos on a Saturday night instead of being out on a meaningful date”.


You can follow John’s blog at or his facebook page The EX-perienced Bachelor.


If you’re looking for personal, confidential advice John offers a free 45 minute ‘Bachelors Conversation’ and you can request it on his blog site.

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