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Why You’re Miserable

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Most likely, you feel miserable because you lost the ability to appreciate all the things that you have and you constantly want new things, without knowing the purpose of having these.

Apply the following points to your life, to live a truly abundant life:

  1. Set the intention. Set the end results for your life in the world.
  2. Discover what it is that you truly love doing; something that gets you out of bed each day, without the need to hit the snooze button; something that stirs your sole and which, when you do it, you lose hours of the day.

Now, find a way to tie the two together.

  1. Take action. In other words, carry out the activity that you love and which makes you happy.


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Full Transcript

Anthony: Have you ever got to a place in your life where you feel like you’re just
not happy and you always seem to feel miserable? Today, I want to talk
to you about that. Where, in your life, do you feel like things are not
adding up and you don’t feel 100% happy? You’re just in this place
where you’re not going through this fun time in life.
You probably, for example, want a new car, or you want a new job, or
you want to be in a great relationship. You want something – whatever
it is that you want. For me, I was in the same place. At some point in
time, I wanted my business to thrive. I wanted to get back to my NFL
body, because I got a little bit out of shape. I wanted my relationship to
be perfect. I wanted more money. I wanted more time. I wanted all these
I got to this point where I realized that it wasn’t about that. Life’s really
not about that. For me, I got to this place where I talked to somebody
and they were telling me a story about them going to a foreign country
and there were these kids. They were all country kids, running around,
and they just wore no shoes, one set of muddy clothes they were
running around in, and mud all over their face.
This kid walks up to them. He says, “Can I have a dollar?” The guy, who
was having a situation where his car had broken down and he lost his
camera, and his suitcase was lost. He was just having a bad time, and
he said he gave this kid a dollar, just to get rid of him. When he gave
him this dollar, it was like this beautiful smile came out of this kid.
I’m thinking that it’s something that we all want all these things, but we
have so much. We have so much, but we’re not appreciative of it. What I
really think is the reason that you’re miserable is because you want –
this is the same place I was – you want, but you don’t have, and it’s the
not having that drives you insane. It makes you miserable. You literally
make yourself miserable, like I did at one point, because you want all
these things, but you’re not appreciative of what you currently have.
So I got this in my head. I was like: I want to shift and change. What is
it that I’m doing? I wanted to find out what drove me at sole level; like at
purpose level. I started stepping back and saying: “It’s something that I
want to give to the world that will allow me to have purpose, which will
make me less miserable: not wanting, but what can I give, and be
appreciative of what I had and have that gratitude.”
And so I said: “I love speaking.” I had a gym. I got to this place where I
knew I loved speaking, but I had the gym hindering me a little bit, so I
wanted to reach more to the world, so I made a decision: I closed the
gym. Sounds odd, but let me tell you why I did and I’m going to give you
pointers as to how you can make adjustments for yourself.
I got to this place where I started making progress. I realized that if I
wanted to reach the world, I had to do something different, and I had to
be able to teach you, guys, to be able to do something very similar for
your own life. And so, what I did was I stepped back and I started
looking at what it was. It turned out there were just three simple things
I did that allowed me to get to a place, where there wasn’t so much of
this what’s holding me back, but there was different drive – a purpose.
Maybe not giving all the time, but a purpose for why you’re here.
The first one is: setting intention. The intention is for you something
where it’s this thing that you do every day, that you get up in the
morning and you don’t want to hit the snooze button. What is the
intention you have for your life? What is the intention you want to end
up at? Where does the world end for you? When do you find the
intention? Where do you want to have that road end? It could be family,
it could be a better career, it could be some legacy you leave behind –
what is your intention?
The second step is: find out something you love to do. Like ‘love to do’ –
not ‘like to do’. Something that, when you wake up in the morning, your
sole stirs; something that just brings this passion out of you and you
can get lost doing it; something that, when you do it, you lose hours of
the day.
When you find that one thing, the next step, inside of that, is: find a
way for you to tie the two together. What’s your intention and how can
you find a way to make this thing you love to get you to that intention?
For me, it was something where I had to step back and say: I want to
speak, and the only way to get to a place where I wanted to travel and
speak, I must set the intention where it will make that happen. My way
to make it happen was to step out of it and get to a place where I
started pushing myself in the direction of speaking, because sharing,
speaking, loving it, helped me to be happy. Then, I got a place where I
found out that this had got me to that place.
Then, you’ve got to do it. That’s it! The third step is: you must go do it.
You see, a lot of people have these intentions. As the saying is: “The
path to hell is paved with good intentions.” Just because you want to do
something, it doesn’t mean it’s going to get done. You must step back
and actually do it. You can set the intention. You can find something
that you love to do, but if you don’t do it, you’re never going to get to
that place.
For me, I stepped back and started doing that. I got to this place where I
was recently in the Philippines, with 300 kids who are impoverished,
who had no shoes, one set of clothes, and I had a blast looking at their
amazing smiles. These kids, as much as they didn’t have, they didn’t
want so much, so they were happy. They had enough and were
appreciative of what they had. They were so happy and so joyous.
So I challenge you right now to step out for a moment and apply these
to your life, and see where in your life you can set intention. Something
that you really want to have to be the end result of where your life ends
up. Then, look at that whole intention and say: what is it that you love
doing that, if you do it, will allow you to get to that place, as well? How
can you merge those two, and then, where can you take action and do
that thing?
Nothing of great importance ever takes places without action first. You
must set the intention, set that goal, and then go with action, go
forward and move, because you cannot drive a car that doesn’t actually
move anywhere – you’re just sitting there and you’re stuck with all the
This is something I want you to take away with it. Go and apply these to
your life somewhere, and if you want more information on how you can
make this transition to get to the place where you live with this
intention, this purpose and this passion, then I urge you to click the
button you see on the screen or the link that you see in the post,
because I have some really cool things that I give away to people. There
are some tools and processes I made just for you, to take that next step
to moving in the right direction, so you can be less miserable and you
can live a truly abundant life.
Take this with you. Thank you for watching the video and, as always,
remember that you can trust your hustle, to live an unexpected life.

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