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Trust Your Hustle
See. Sacrifice. Sustain.

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Trust Your Hustle Pt.1: A life forged by fire

Out of 7 billion people on this planet, here lies a story, the story of my life, that has allowed me to find out what it truly means to ”Trust Your Hustle” and live an Unexpected Life. As you reach the end you will come to realize that this truly is “A Life Forged By Fire”

The Definitive Guide To Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning, And Performance

Its not whether you get knocked down, its whether you get up. ~ Vince Lombardi Long ago, we recognized that one way to establish a human pecking order would be to compete in trials of strength and skill without weapons. That way we could get a second opportunity to compete with our opponents….


Keynote Speaking

Words hold incredible power. There’s also nothing like hearing those words live from someone with a passion for changing people’s lives by captivating their hearts and minds.

Anthony Trucks is the keynote speaker you want when you’re looking for someone to bring your audience to the edge of their seats and leave them feeling empowered to take back control of their lives or put passion back into their day.

Specialized Training

If you are looking to train your team(s) to build up their personal capabilities to improve their performance then you want Anthony Trucks.

Anthony has consulted and trained thousands of people from small organizations up to multi billion dollar a year corporations on everything from fitness to corporate culture and personal development and established track record of success.


Burn Fat. Build Muscle. Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life. In 90 Days. From Anywhere In The World.

If you’re a busy person who wants to get in shape, or want to make sure you can get a great workout in anywhere in the world, this is for YOU.

Renew University

If you are a current or aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a business that gives you time and financial freedom then Renew University is for you.

Every entrepreneur needs to master their tools, techniques, and the technician. If you don’t you won’t succeed.

Audience Avalanche

If you want to increase your impact and income then you need to grow your audience.

This program shows you how Anthony has built an engaged online following of over 300K people for almost nothing

Samantha Steele’s Testimonial

Answer 5 quick questions to find out your "THRIV3" Type and how it affects your success.