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Trust Your Hustle


What does it mean to Trust Your Hustle?

For us to make things better in life we have to work… Hustle

We seem to always be battling an internal monster. That monster makes it hard for us to believe in our abilities to make our lives better or make our dreams come true. It robs us of our trust

No trust, no hustle. No hustle, no success. So you HAVE to…

Trust Your Hustle

3 Phases of Trust Your Hustle


First SEE the areas in your life that you want/need to improve. You can’t fix what you don’t focus on or see.


Without SACRIFICE there is no success. You must change something or nothing will change. That takes sacrifice.


Any success is short lived if there is no plan to keep it because it will be gone fast. You have to plan to have success that

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There are two types of people in this world. Those that work, and those watch them work. I don’t mind the audience.

– Anthony Trucks

About Me

I teach people how to “Trust Your Hustle” to go from surviving to thriving in life. I’m a former NFL player, American Ninja Warrior, coach, consultant, author, speaker, husband, and father of 3 incredible kids.

My life started when I was given away to foster care at 3 years old and I was thrust into a gruesome childhood. I experienced starvation, beatings, and torture to….

I Believe…..

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