5 Days to Change Your Life with Brad BizJack

By Yuresh Shayzer
October 10, 2023

On today’s episode, our guest is Brad BizJack. He's here to share something special for those of you looking to achieve more success, joy, love, and financial abundance, grow your business, mend relationships, and unlock your full potential. Brad will shed light on the concept of rewiring your mind, explaining what it means and how to recognize it when you need it. Furthermore, he'll explore what life looks like after this transformation, so you can envision the possibilities. 

[2:40] Why should I listen to you?

Honestly, it's really simple. I can see the problem behind the problem—I can understand what you're going through and help you view life in a way that allows you to rewire your mind to focus on your true dreams. Many people are in a situation where they support others, but sometimes all it takes is one little insight, one question, and one different perspective on a problem that can transform everything. This is evident in the success stories of life. So, picture us at a coffee shop, discussing your dreams and goals. By the end of that conversation, you will undoubtedly know exactly what you want out of life, what's holding you back, and the practical strategies for breaking through.

[3:35] Can you share a moment in your life that's relevant to the person you help today?

Starting with a challenging $92,000 debt and a miserable job, I eagerly embraced an opportunity for an online business, hoping it would lead to financial success and happiness. As I struggled, I noticed that while everyone else was thriving, I was stuck in toxic positivity, pretending problems didn't exist. I believed I'd only be happy when I achieved success. After talking to a mentor, I made a pivotal decision. I chose to work with a coach who changed my perspective during our first session. She emphasized that my attachment to success was the issue. Success wouldn't miraculously solve my problems. Instead, it was about rewiring my mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs. This realization prompted me to shift my focus to understanding my mental operating system. Attending a life-altering conference, despite a recent job loss, I embraced the theme of rewiring the mind for success. This transformation marked the start of my journey, and now I've dedicated myself to helping others transform their lives and find profound freedom.

[8:45] Can you share common language patterns or signs you've noticed from clients you've worked with before they started working with you?

My extensive experience working with thousands of individuals has revealed recurring patterns that either hinder their progress or drive them toward success. A common issue is the absence of a compelling vision for the future. Many individuals tone down their dreams to fit a more "realistic" mold, often due to past failures influencing their future outlook. They restrict themselves from dreaming big and play it safe instead of aiming for victory. This rationalization manifests in various ways, such as claiming contentment with their current situation or waiting for the "right time" to take action. Self-blame is another prevalent symptom. People often attribute their struggles to emotional states like lack of confidence, depression, or anxiety. It's crucial to recognize that these states are malleable and depend on how they use their body, focus their thoughts, and express themselves. A prominent sign of this is scarcity thinking, particularly regarding money as the source of their problems. Limiting beliefs about time and fears of not having enough time to change their lives are also common. Two significant symptoms include the belief that they should already be further ahead in life or that they'll only find happiness once they achieve success.

[16:20] What is the promised land, and what can people expect when they arrive there?

In essence, it's about living life on your terms—a somewhat cliché concept but incredibly significant. It's not just about the overarching idea of having the freedom to do what you want when you want, with whom you want, and where you want. It extends to being irresistibly drawn by a compelling future vision, eliminating internal conflicts, and achieving emotional regulation. Most people allow their emotional state to be determined by external factors. I teach individuals to become emotional regulators, where they set their desired emotional temperature and maintain it consistently. It's also about living in alignment with your true desires, creating wealth, finding freedom, fostering meaningful relationships, and surrounding yourself with individuals who both understand and challenge you. After this transformation, your life becomes a reflection of the expectations set by your inner circle. You'll handle life's challenges with confidence, create your vision of success, and experience fulfillment along the way. This is what it means to reside in the "success sweet spot," where you strive for significant goals while relishing the journey and living in abundance, filled with gratitude and excitement. It's a harmonious and prosperous way of life where everything flows effortlessly.

[19:28] How do you adjust your expectations and surround yourself with the right people when your current community or friends may not align with your goals?

One significant challenge I encountered was expecting immediate support and understanding from those close to me regarding my dreams. As a visionary, it's essential to lead with unwavering belief in your vision. Lowering your aspirations to match the acceptance level of those around you can lead to disappointment. Instead, I've learned to love and accept the people in my life for who they are. I've also recognized the importance of carefully selecting a supportive peer group. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in your dreams and challenge you to grow is essential for personal transformation and success.

[24:00] What can you share about your experience or insights with individuals who want to level up and join a more successful or supportive group but have concerns about not fitting in or being accepted by that group?

Successful individuals have a genuine desire to uplift and assist others in achieving success. Joining such a group can be intimidating if you're worried about maintaining the group's integrity and providing real value. Focus on giving rather than getting. When contemplating a peer group, look at those who operate at a higher level than you and consider how you can contribute. Find innovative ways to offer value to them. For instance, if you're part of a more successful business group, leverage your strengths, like a happy marriage, to assist others in that area. It's crucial to set clear boundaries and limit interactions with individuals not at that higher level. I make sure to have regular conversations with people more successful than me, always open to learning. Surround yourself with those who excel in areas you wish to grow and discover ways to enhance your knowledge and skills. Understand your value, and if you think you have nothing to offer, create something valuable to share.

[29:50] Could you share some real-time transformations you've witnessed in the people you currently work with?

I've witnessed people go from utter financial struggles to establishing multi-six-figure businesses in a mere six months. Their achievements are nothing short of incredible. From an emotional standpoint, some have described it as 40 years of challenges crumbling away like a sledgehammer that just shattered their burdens, leaving them feeling free for the first time. I've seen individuals rekindle relationships with their children, bridging gaps that had persisted for decades. They finally sense the family bonds they've yearned for. People have forgiven their parents after holding onto grudges for years. In just a few days, some have decided to walk away from toxic jobs, opting to explore creative ways of serving others on a deeper level. Then some wake up one day and realize they're simply happy, without fully understanding why. It's truly incredible what becomes possible.

[30:20] Can you elaborate on your five-day work and session challenge, how it works, and what individuals can expect when they take part in this challenge? 

The challenge is called The Success Accelerator, a life-changing five-day challenge, offered a few times yearly and has already impacted over 50,000 lives globally. It focuses on rewiring your mindset for your distinct vision of success. Many people struggle to grow and change because they're pursuing someone else's dream, shaped by societal norms or personal history. This program not only helps you pinpoint what you genuinely desire for this phase of your life but also dismantles common toxic thought patterns and limiting beliefs that hinder your progress. The challenge isn't just about theory; it provides practical strategies to overcome your fears, doubts, and insecurities, allowing you to create the life you envision. The difference between those for whom success flows organically and those who struggle tirelessly becomes clear in this challenge, along with practical steps to bridge that gap. You can succeed without sacrificing precious family moments. Join the Success Accelerator to unlock your potential and transform every aspect of your life.

[35:40] What promise did God make to the world when he created you? 

I would help people come alive, empower them, and help them find gratitude and love so that they can see how beautiful life can be.

Key Quotes 
[6:00-6:03] You need to make decisions based on who you want to be.
[24:10-24:14] Successful people want to help other people become successful. 

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