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No matter where you are in life or business, If success isn’t coming to you then you should be coming to us

Speak To Freedom: Live a life of freedom by making income and impact from speaking on stages. 

The Make Shift Happen Membership program is designed for individuals who want to accomplish more in life, but are UNABLE to get their mind organized and take consistent action towards their goals.

The main goal of the membership program is to help you make a powerful “shift” in your life every 90 days, so you can create a daily EXECUTION system that allows you to take daily action towards your goals and massively improve the quality of your life in a very short period of time.

By subscribing to this membership program, you’ll be able to become more productive, develop a growth mindset, and improve in all areas of life – from health to wealth and relationships – all at the same time.

Become A Standout Speaker


Dark Work Experience: Work In The Dark. Win In The Light.


This program is designed for individuals who want to gain clarity in their lives and break the invisible chains that are holding them back from getting to the next level.

The Shift Starter program helps you understand:

Why you got stuck in life…

What is REALLY holding you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of…

What impact you want to have on the world…

And how you can make SHIFT happen in your life.

Inside the program you’ll discover:

  • Discover how to gain clarity and find your path to success (EXTREMELY important…especially if you’re currently feeling lost in life)
  • How to identify your negative limiting beliefs and break the invisible chains that are stopping you from becoming the person you deserve to become (Beware: your lower self will hate you for that)
  • Uncover your hidden superpower…and learn how you can EFFECTIVELY use it to your advantage to change your life forever.
  • The little-known secrets to developing unshakable self-confidence (this is critical if you want to become a better leader and earn more respect from others)
  • How to make an impeccable productivity plan and get more things done in less time (It’s a simple formula that is used by many highly-productivity people)
  • Discover how to find your purpose (ONCE and for all), so you can start living a more joyful and meaningful life.
  • The #1 thing that is constantly holding you back every time you want to get to the next level (Hint: it has to do with “awareness”)
  • If you want to wake up on fire and stay motivated all day long, you MUST do this all the time (Do it for a few days and it’ll become a lifetime habit)
  • And much, much more!!!
I'm Ready To Go Dark [Coming Soon]