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Today I woke up, jumped on a mastermind call for 45 min, took the dog for a run and worked about 2 hours – returning emails and looking over a couple accounts. Then I went out to the stables and did one of the things that brings me the most joy in this world – jumped horses..for 4 hours [blush] During that time we had 2 qualified clients sign on and send over deposits/payments WHILE we had another client update us that they had a one of their biggest months all from business closed using their Instagram (that we’re running) as their lead generation system. Well shit. Ever since I went travelling overseas 4 years ago I knew that freedom was just as important to me as money. I never really knew how my business would pan out, but I knew I wanted to work for myself and I knew I wanted something where I had a LOT of flexibility. Ask and you shall receive. I’ve been full time in my business for 5 months, we have an almost full roster of private clients, an absolutely amazing right hand woman/Jane of all trades on board ( Jen Gardiner I adore you) and most importantly we have killer RESULTS for our clients!!! There’s also an Instagram course that we’re on the home stretch of – this is for anyone who wants to make money off of their personal Instagram account. Huge shout out to Liana Ling and Shenee Howardfor being amazing partners on that one – would not have been possible without you! Keep tuned for that one. None of this would have been possible without the incredible help of Anthony Trucks who gave me some very specific business coaching early on – dude you are SO good at what you do and you changed my life!!! You’re an absolute rockstar with a heart of gold. Whatever you want to do, weather it seems like a pipe dream or you’re in the throws of the beginning stages now, just hang tight. It might work out better then you ever imagined. So grateful. -Ella

The stuff we’ve gotten from Anthony Trucks is fool proof. I’ve literally used my clarity & sales call script on the first five folks that have scheduled calls with me and all five have registered and paid. Just like we are supposed to tell all of our clients, just follow the process! Thank you Ant. This was the push I needed to get things moving again.


One year ago I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to empower women to own their leadership ambition. Working with Anthony Trucks I was able to create a better vision of myself, my brand and understand the inner workings of an online business and #SheLeadsHer was created. A lot of growth within the last year and more to come. You have to start somewhere taking leap of faith that the thing within your heart that pulls you everyday needs attention to and unfolding


When my coach mentioned Anthony Trucks a month ago I had never heard of him and had been stumbling about in the pursuit of a dream and made little progress. Since taking advantage of Anthony’s program I am no longer stumbling or wallowing. The program showed me why I was stuck, what I was doing to sabotage myself, and how I could break free from these bonds. Anthony’s sincerity and authenticity was obvious throughout our interactions in his program. He delivered value far beyond my expectations or investment. I look forward to continuing to learn from Anthony Trucks. He is the real deal and possess coaching skill and wisdom beyond his years.


So you think coaching is bullshit? Too expensive? I’ll tell you this, every single time I’ve worked with a good quality coach I’ve made more money. Anthony’s Trucks I can tell you is the real deal. Not only has he blessed my business in ways I can’t even explain to you through this yes, but the friendship we’ve created has changed me as a person. I’m grateful for you man. Thank you

Alfred & Adrianna

I don’t always give praise but when I do… Anthony Trucks I want to FB express gratitude for you pushing me to launch the Purpose Chasers Academy. In 4 days we filled the first cohort with the most amazing humans in the world. 3 years I’ve been “talking” about doing this. Now it’s much bigger than I am

Mary Maxey

I am abetter entrepreneur (with a more profitable business) because of Anthony. it started when I came across his slow or go checklist. Honestly, I didn’t read the whole thing, but the concept itself seemed useful… Then I realized how useful when I started catching myself when problems would come up: Am I going to slow down, stop taking action, just because I hit a speed bump? Or am I going to accept it, and move forward towards that brighter future just over the horizon? Slow or go is a powerful label and concept. But that’s a small sample of the benefit of Anthony’s program. In it he mixes his amazing spirit with legit, practical tips, and authentic, no BS guidance. Thats the #1 thing you should know if you’re considering booking a call with him and his team: what Anthony offers is the real deal.