Build a Beautiful Life and Business with Tessa E Arnold

By Yuresh Shayzer
January 09, 2023

In today's episode, we have Tessa Arnold sharing her compelling story. Tessa's life journey has been marked by significant losses at a young age and later in life. Despite facing these challenges, she has excelled in both the corporate banking world and in taking charge of an entrepreneurial venture. Her unique experiences, coupled with the grace she brings to them, stand out. Tessa's focus on the Six Pillars of life forms a foundation for achieving remarkable success in any life situation. So, without further ado, let's delve into the episode.

[1:55] Why should I listen to you? 

That's a compelling question. Right off the bat, I tend to approach people with openness. I genuinely love meeting people and hearing about their new experiences. My comfort in being vulnerable comes from recognizing our shared humanity and interconnected journeys. So, I essentially spontaneously lower my guard. If more of us embraced this approach, the experience could become more beautiful and profound. The immediate outcome would likely be a genuine smile, engagement, and a sincere intention to connect. Imagine putting down your phone, turning to someone, and asking, "How are you doing today? What's going on?" Through this practice of giving complete attention, embracing vulnerability, and expressing a genuine interest in getting to know each other, meaningful conversations can be sparked.

[4:38] Where did that sense originate from? Was it a constant part of your childhood, perhaps influenced by your siblings at some point?

I believe my inclination to connect with people comes from my parents. My father, a broker associate with a real estate firm, had a genuine interest in people that went beyond the professional setting. He had a beautiful way of disarming individuals through humor, smiling, and openness. I learned a lot from observing him and how people naturally gravitated towards him. He could enter a room without knowing anyone and leave with everyone considering him their best friend. Growing up in the countryside and a beach town, where activities were limited, sparked my curiosity about the world around me. This curiosity has carried into my current ventures in consumer engagement, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle coaching. Particularly in today's post-pandemic world, where demands on our attention are constant, human connection holds the potential to heal. I strongly feel that with the platforms we have, there is a responsibility in the information we share. Now, more than ever, human connection is crucial, and it has become a focal point in my life.

[10:54] Can you briefly share your story and the reason behind your shift in focus?

Growing up in a small beach town, I faced early challenges with loss—my father at 12 and my brother at 17. Despite these profound moments, I recognized the fragility of life and the need to take charge of my destiny. As the eldest with two younger siblings, I navigated the responsibilities that came with the tragedies, understanding the impact on our lives. I embarked on my own journey, made mistakes, and found my way into commercial banking, where I excelled for 12 years, building a family along the way. Despite external success, I felt an unsettling emptiness and a disconnect from my true self. It took a toll on me, and eventually, my life began to unravel from the inside out. The discomfort grew, and I started questioning my existence and purpose. While supporting my husband in his new business venture, our relationship faced challenges, and we eventually lost him. Left with two young children, I found myself at a crossroads, still working in banking but now part of a business that became a beacon in the storm. Terrified but determined, I made a pivotal decision to leave commercial banking and take the reins of our shared dream. The transition was daunting, and I faced many nights questioning my ability to succeed. However, driven by the need for change, I embraced the challenge. The process was not easy, but I simultaneously managed both roles for a year, navigating the difficulties without proper self-care tools.

[15:40] How did your past losses—losing your father and brother influence your emotional approach to handling the business during challenging times?

The moment I had to tell my children about their father's passing mirrored the loss of my own father when I was 12. Life's journey unfolds without a predetermined reason; things just are. Reflecting on past traumatic events, I had already done considerable work on myself, viewing those experiences through a lens that brought comfort, shaped by faith and personal growth. Guiding my children through grief, I saw an opportunity to provide them and my younger self with the support I lacked at 12. I recognized the chance to heal all three of us, incorporating significant elements like grief counseling and navigating through loss. Though it may seem, in retrospect, that the healing happened overnight, the reality was filled with moments of darkness and feeling lost. Letting go of control was challenging, akin to holding sand or water in your hands—the tighter you grasp, the more slips away. In my journey, I aimed to learn from the experience and guide my children to the best of my ability, acknowledging that being a mother is my most significant role in this world.

[20:15] With notable shifts in your life, leading to personal growth, you've now ventured into a new business and engaging in these conversations. Can you share more about this phase of your journey?

Here I am running Snapback Energy, a supplement business that I decided to make my own in memory of my late husband. We successfully launched the business, and I feel he would be extremely proud of what we've achieved so far. The core message of Snapback Energy is a call to action for mindful health, emphasizing the importance of being conscious about what we consume and finding balance in life. My kids serve as my North Stars, guiding me through moments of darkness and motivating me to wake up each day with a purpose—for them and for myself. With them in mind, I took on the challenge of launching the business and delving into entrepreneurship. It was a terrifying leap, leaving the security of my job at the bank, which happened this past January. I had initially resigned in August of the year before, but the team at the bank countered my offer, and I stayed until January. In the past 11 months, we expanded our product line by introducing another flavor—orange. Simultaneously, I embarked on a solo retreat abroad, delving into mindset training and discovering a new passion for flowers. This journey has been a significant pivot, pushing me toward a soloist expression and a deeper exploration of entrepreneurship.

[22:35] Facing life without fatherly advice, aiming to shield your kids from a similar experience, you've prioritized continuous growth. Is this journey becoming easier or more challenging for you?

There's a profound truth in ancient Vedic texts and various forms of knowledge – the wisdom within us is our true guide. When you turn inward, you find that your innate wisdom is already present; it's not something external to seek. While knowledge is acquired through seeking, wisdom is an integral part of us, always accessible. In stories of prophets, sages, or teachers, a common theme is the idea that when you're ready, the teacher will find you. However, the realization dawns that wisdom is an inherent aspect of ourselves. The journey involves continuous growth and expansion. Embracing self-honor and sharing one's unique gifts with the world is crucial. Each individual brings a distinctive perspective, thoughts, and feelings, creating a unique expression. Recognizing the power of intention, attention, action, and thoughts in self-care, you become magnetic, emitting an electromagnetic field up to six feet ahead. The relationships formed along this journey, be it with a partner or friends, may seem spontaneous but carry profound meaning. These connections and conversations, occurring organically, contribute to personal growth and expansion, creating a beautiful gift that continues to shape and enrich life.

[25:50] Concerning your second business, which I'm aware of but haven't discussed, could you briefly share what it entails?

I am an RA Vedic Health and Lifestyle Coach. Ra Veda, a 5000-year-old Vedic system predating modern medicine, is the science of life. Simply put, it embodies the wisdom within ourselves that often gets lost in the busyness of the world. EM even in 2023, with constant distractions and burdens, we forget that we are inherently equipped to lead a balanced and peaceful life. To address this, I've launched Balanced View Coach at Through one-on-one coaching or breakthrough sessions, I guide individuals through the six pillars of health, providing resources and showing them how to achieve balance simply and swiftly in their daily lives.

[42:20] Anything to share about this beautiful saying of leaving people better than you found them? 

Here's an intuitive thing to do: show that you have boundaries, and teach people the beauty of the word "no." No is a complete sentence. Teach yourself to recognize what doesn't serve you and use that powerful word. Whether it's a job, a relationship, or any situation, remember that you have this one shot at life in your current form. There's no need for stuckness; have the conversations, do the things, and focus on your growth. Another crucial aspect we discuss is emotional well-being, a pillar of health in our Vedic practice. Going within is key. Sometimes people avoid self-reflection, seeking distractions outside themselves, as looking within can be challenging. But embracing brokenness is essential. It's a beautiful aspect of life, allowing the light and love to shine through the cracks.

[49:22] What promise did God make to the world when he created you? 

That I would not leave this world with any of my gifts left unused. 

Key Quotes 

[18:55-19:05] Don’t tell your children how to be; show them instead. Be an embodiment

[36:55-37:00] One of the biggest mistakes people make is being stuck in a situation 

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