How to Become a Superhero with Laban Ditchburn

By Yuresh Shayzer
August 08, 2023

In today’s episode, our guest is Laban Ditchburn. He is a remarkable individual who triumphed over challenging circumstances and has been sober for seven years. Laban is also the author of the book "Bet on You," and he shares the fascinating story behind its title. As the world's best courage coach, Laban's expertise in courage will be explored in this episode. He shares a unique encounter from the recording of this episode that has the power to change your life. Tune in for an insightful and inspiring conversation.

[4:23] Why should I listen to you? 

What a captivating question! It reminded me of my interactions with various individuals, some of whom weren't quite humorous. Interestingly, I've encountered similar instances before. In response, I'd like to borrow a sentiment from Mel Robbins, whom you interviewed on your show a while back. She mentioned something along the lines of considering whether you feel energetically aligned to engage in conversation. If you do, feel free to talk to me, but if not, there's no pressure to do so. I think it's crucial to trust your instincts and tune into the energy we exude, which can vary based on our feelings at the moment. So, if you feel compelled to listen, do so, and if not, it's completely fine too.


[5:30] What do you believe people would gain from listening to you?

I'll share an example that occurred this morning. Anna gently suggested we take a walk near Las Vegas University, where we found some grassy fields. As I walked barefoot on the grass, I came across a young, fit African American man with cool dreads named Diego. I struck up a conversation with him, and it turns out he plays football at Las Vegas University and dreams of going all the way in his football career. Interestingly, Diego had just come from a night at the club, and I, being a former professional footballer, understood the importance of getting rid of toxins and alcohol in the body to perform at my best. I asked him if the behavior of going out all night was aligned with becoming the best in the world at football. He took a moment to reflect and realized it wasn't the right path. We spoke for about an hour, discussing the concept of reclaiming power through adversity, a theme often explored on your podcast with various guests. I shared my journey of overcoming addiction and reclaiming control of my life, which resonated deeply with Diego. He even provided a 92-second video testimonial expressing how our conversation transformed his life. This kind of experience is incredibly fulfilling for me and happens frequently in my work, and it showcases the power of honest human connection and mentorship.


[10:10] How did your journey bring you to this point of feeling compelled to share your insights and ideas with others?

In 2015, at the age of 35, I hit rock bottom and realized that my life was heading in a direction far from what I had imagined. That night, I found myself intoxicated, gambling on a laptop without any care for the consequences. In a moment of clarity, I saw a helpline number on the screen and decided to call. A woman named Mary, my guardian angel, answered the call and listened to me without judgment. She shared with me the alarming suicide rates among problem gamblers, which shook me to the core. Through Mary's help, I connected with a gambling psychologist who guided me through a year and a half of healing. I began to confront the dysfunctional relationship I had with my mother and took responsibility for my actions and choices. This newfound power fueled my journey toward transformation. I quit gambling in 2015 and gave up alcohol in 2016. I adopted a primarily animal-based diet, which helped me put an incurable autoimmune disease into remission. My body transformed, and I started running ultra marathons, which was unimaginable before. In September 2018, I serendipitously met Anna, my now-wife, and soulmate. Meeting her gave me a renewed sense of purpose and the motivation to use my personal experiences and stories to connect with others. Storytelling became my powerful tool to connect with people, whether as a professional speaker or in my interactions with others like Diego this morning. 


[16:20] How did your life's journey lead you to the point where you are now?

I am affectionately known as the world's best courage coach. Sometimes, I have to repeat the word "courage" a few times in America because people mishear it as "carriage." The title of the world's best courage coach came from a transformative experience I had in 2021. I was introduced to a community of peak performance coaches, including Steve Hardison, known as the ultimate coach. Steve is a highly regarded coach who has worked with influential figures like Byron Katie and Tony Robbins' ex-wife, Becky Robbins. He had remained elusive for years and declined invitations for interviews or public appearances. Intrigued by a video about him and his teachings on the power of "being," I decided to reach out to him.

Against the odds, I managed to contact Steve, and he enthusiastically welcomed the conversation. He didn't seek anything from me, but I introduced myself as a speaker and a coach, running a podcast series called "Become Your Own Superhero." Although someone once criticized my ambition, Steve vehemently defended me, assuring me it was essential to declare myself confidently. On that day in 2021, I proclaimed myself the world's best courage coach, not out of ego but as a powerful declaration. This statement guides me each day, reminding me to embody the qualities of courage and authenticity. 


[22:00] When people hear the message of courage and the idea of giving it their all, where do you want them to apply this concept in their lives, especially when encountering a 'courage coach' or witnessing someone else's display of courage?

You asked an incredibly insightful question, especially considering the two aspects of my declaration. As an entrepreneur with multiple revenue streams and job titles, it can be confusing for people outside this space to understand what we do. So, I crafted this declaration for two primary reasons. Firstly, it serves as a personal mantra, a declaration of my purpose, and allows me to lean into it with confidence, despite initial imposter syndrome. Secondly, it provides clarity to people when they meet me for the first time, as they haven't heard such a unique combination of words before. When I introduce myself as the world's best courage coach, it sparks curiosity, and 99 times out of 100, the next question is, "What does that look like?" This presents a wonderful opportunity for me to explain my role in helping others. I teach people how to take bold, massive, and courageous action to achieve their own miraculous outcomes. My work encompasses speaking engagements, coaching sessions, writing books, hosting a podcast, and running a mastermind. When they ask further questions, I can operate from a place of adding value to their lives, leading to transformative interactions. This has happened numerous times over the past three years, approximately 250 to 300 times, or even more, and it remains an incredibly fulfilling aspect of my work.


[31:25] Can we dive into your book? 

My journey to writing "Bet On You" started during Melbourne's harsh lockdowns. I wanted to be a speaker, so I began my podcast, "Become Your Own Superhero." I cold-called Les Brown, who encouraged me to write a book for credibility. He saw potential in me and gave me a blueprint for the book. I promise, the book was for me, for the person I was five years before hitting rock bottom. And with Les's endorsement, along with others like Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. John Gray, my confidence soared. Now, "Bet On You" is not just a book; it's a divine download from the universe. It has impacted lives, inspiring others to find their purpose and transform their own journeys. It's amazing how my life took a complete turn, from uncertainty to becoming an author and sought-after speaker. I've embraced my divine gift of storytelling, reclaiming my past, and empowering others to bet on themselves. Through speaking, coaching, my podcast, and "Bet On You," I'm on a mission to help people take bold, massive, and courageous action to facilitate their own miraculous outcomes. My journey is proof that anyone can make a significant difference in the world once they lean into their purpose and unleash their full potential.


[38:43] What were some of the challenges you faced while writing the book and revealing personal experiences? How did you navigate through the process and stay motivated to complete it?

Writing "Bet On You" was a deeply cathartic experience, unearthing buried memories. One chapter shares a wild night at a strip club, where I hit rock bottom. But amidst the challenges, I recalled a touching moment on my sixth birthday. A retiring substitute teacher gave me an envelope with $30, a significant gesture for my impoverished family. This act of generosity transformed my attitude and shaped the person I've become. Years later, I found the teacher, now a priest, and thanked her for her profound impact. It's not about me; it's about serving others at the highest level. These moments fuel my purpose-driven journey of spreading courage and creating transformative conversations.


[50:08] What promise did God make to the world when he created you? 

A bright light into this earth to be a beacon of hope, inspiration, and courage for generations to come. 


Key Quotes 

[28:34-28:38] We are spiritual beings that inhabit the body many times. 

[29:30-29:33] People realize they can add value to the people they admire and look up to. 

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