How to Find the Force with Courtni StarHeart

By Yuresh Shayzer
April 02, 2024

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I'm your host, Anthony Trucks. Today, we have Courtni StarHeart as our guest. Courtni shares her journey of tapping into her heritage and accessing the force of an unseen power within us that enables us to be our best selves. She also discusses her experiences and how she guides individuals through transformative journeys. Courtni also offers a simple breathing exercise to help you tap into this energy whenever needed. Join us as we delve into her unique perspective and insights.

[1:40] If I were to enter a room and ask, "Courtni, what do you speak about?" What would your response be?

I specialize in teaching individuals how to raise their consciousness, akin to entering a mental flow state, not to sing Kumbaya but to enhance effectiveness in every aspect of life. I've gleaned many techniques from various teachers I've studied under and am a geek, naturally. I have a passion for reading and researching, enjoying science and art. Thus, I possess a balance of right and left brain functions, and I aim to synthesize my knowledge to share with others. This partly validates my beliefs, as they often resonate with people.

[3:10] How do you support left-brained, type-A individuals to achieve and accomplish more?

I have athletic clients who precisely match your description, and it's as if there's another aspect of them, a deeper part, yearning to be acknowledged. I refer to this as discovering the force because it feels like that. Just like how salmon instinctively know they must swim upstream, something within us seeks spirituality, connection, and purpose. Imagine if we had a manual outlining four steps to tap into that essence whenever desired. We'd likely find ourselves much happier and more effective. Let me tell you about a recent client I had during a private session last weekend. We incorporate plant medicine into our work, but that's not the crux of it. What truly matters is mindset and training. This client of mine happens to be a lawyer and a stunning model—a truly remarkable individual with a strong type A personality, striving to control everything and take charge. She's spent the past two weeks diving deep into research, watching every video I've ever made, and even learning to make kombucha from a tutorial that's a decade old. It's both amusing and endearing to witness her enthusiasm. With such clients, I've learned to let them take the lead. It's akin to fishing, where once you've hooked a big fish, you let it run for a while, giving it space to tire itself out.

[5:05] How do you encourage someone stuck in a certain way of doing things to loosen up and explore new directions more freely and quickly?

We utilize workbooks, and being a type A person myself, I appreciate the sense of structure they provide. It's akin to that feeling of grappling with a big fish during a fishing expedition—it's challenging but ultimately rewarding, aiding in acquiring knowledge. When working with individuals like that, we prefer to present them with our workbooks, backed by scientific evidence, maintaining a clean and professional approach. I must admit that you've significantly contributed to refining my communication skills. When I embarked on my studies last year, delivering presentations and engaging with corporate and type-A personalities proved to be quite daunting. However, with your assistance, I've enhanced my ability to connect with them effectively. These individuals possess wealth, influence, and valuable insights, making it imperative to convey even the smallest details to them.

[6:40] Can you kindly unpack your background so that others can grasp the essential details?

I had a profound near-death experience due to E. coli contamination in my well, despite living in a beautiful home in the hills of New York, just 45 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. That's where my journey began. I attended college in DC and shared the same high school as Joe Biden and his children. I received an exceptional education as a scholarship recipient for my athletic, artistic, and academic abilities. Fast forward to years later, and I found myself a mother of two, fighting for my life. It's a struggle to make sense of it all. I share this to illustrate how life can take unexpected turns.

[9:55] When did you begin to feel the desire to become someone who experiences something and shares it with others?

It's astonishing how many individuals nowadays claim to be Ayahuasca shamans, as if merely touching the medicine grants them instant expertise. Yet, to truly honor the tradition, one must embark on a journey spanning 10 to 20 years. My realization came when my elder and teacher, Patricia Dominguez, appeared in the film "Spirit Molecule." He's portrayed as a charismatic figure with his hair twisted into a bun, a nod to the tradition of the twisted-haired people within his tribe. This lineage of medicine people dates back anciently, surviving despite the onslaught of conquest, disease, and other challenges. There are pockets of such traditions still thriving in regions like China, Tibet, Africa, and the Andes. These individuals possess an undeniable power, almost palpable, akin to plugging a device into an electrical outlet. I had the privilege of studying under him for 15 years. He referred to this power as "the force," connecting it to concepts of the great mystery, God, or Creator Source. He likened it to the force in "Star Wars," a term relatable even to mainstream audiences. When one taps into this force, it's akin to igniting a lightsaber, illuminating one's path with its brilliance.

[12:48] Would you be open to freely expressing yourself and your language to the world?

In my tradition, we liken shamans to spiritual lawyers. They're akin to the medicine men of old, who held esteemed positions within their communities. Just like Muhammad Ali, who was my childhood hero, I admire his ability to rhyme and express himself poetically. I've studied him as an athlete, a spiritual being, and a protest against war. I find inspiration in his lyrical poetry. Sometimes, I find myself compelled to rhyme everything, much to the confusion of my team, who question why it's necessary.

[17:30] What has been the response from individuals who have experienced this journey alongside you?

It's been incredible. I found a holistic health center on Long Island where the women are like angels and Reiki Masters. Their presence is truly transformative. Even though I'm not typically into card readings, I did some for them, and they were hooked. They attended my presentation, and it changed their lives. They're reaching out, saying they feel like they're on LSD or high—it's the spirit world. Native American traditions, with their deep spiritual understanding and mathematical prowess, have explored these realms for centuries, which is evident in their remarkable achievements like Chichen Itza.

[28:30] How do you keep moving forward and overcome obstacles as you share your message?

I consider myself resilient, often likened to the Capricorn climbing the mountain. Facing the necessity of seeking a job I don't desire only strengthens my resolve and work ethic. I feel privileged to share the gift of carrying forth 10,000 years of native tradition, a heritage that would have perished without individuals like me. My ancestors, particularly my one-quarter Native grandmother, instilled in me a sense of native pride and cultural integrity. Understanding our collective greatness holds the key to addressing the world's challenges. There's a critical mass, as evidenced by the Maharishi's research on Transcendental Meditation, where a shift in consciousness can catalyze significant change. Whether referred to as the Holy Spirit, the force, or Wakantanka, the essence remains the same. Holding onto this energy collectively can transform the world without the need for argument.

[30:34] Drawing from your own experiences, what guidance would you offer someone embarking on a new journey?

For someone just starting their journey, whether delving into spirituality or pursuing a passion like racing cars, my advice is to Embrace the journey with courage and curiosity. Trust in your inner guidance and intuition, and don't be afraid to take risks or make mistakes. Seek inspiration from those who have walked similar paths before you, but remember that your journey is unique. Stay committed to your goals, but remain flexible and open to new opportunities and experiences that may come your way. Above all, believe in yourself and your ability to overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams.

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