How to Unlock a Bulletproof Mindset with Craig Siegel

By Yuresh Shayzer
August 15, 2023

In today’s episode, our guest is Craig Siegel. He is a value-based and high-energy Global Keynote Speaker and also the co-creator of the CLS experience. His journey is captivating – from growing up without a strong sense of self-confidence to venturing into the world of Wall Street. While he achieved success in certain areas, he realized his heart's desires were unfulfilled. This realization led him to a unique reinvention journey, departing from his Wall Street path to a new world of service. Through this transformation, he not only built a remarkable personal brand but also sparked a movement embraced by countless individuals worldwide. Tune in to this incredible episode where we delve into Craig's journey and explore how you can adapt his reinvention formula to transform your own life.


[2:24] Why should I listen to you? 

I have a genuine passion for nurturing relationships. In every interaction I engage in, I aim to leave on a positive and elevated note. This drive stems from the simple desire to raise the energy levels. If someone's at a nine, I want to help them reach a ten; if it's a six, I aim for seven; and even if they're already at ten, I'd love to see them hit fifteen. It brings me a sense of accomplishment to infuse each encounter with vitality, enthusiasm, and positive vibes. 


[3:54] What is the source of the energy that fuels your positivity?

Before my transformation during the pandemic, I was entrenched in Wall Street for a solid 13 years. Specifically, in the few years leading up to the pandemic, I hit rock bottom. It was a time marked by a toxic relationship and the weight of my best friend and father's battle with cancer. While I had my own business and was making money, my definition of success back then was rather immature, and yes, money isn't the whole picture, as I've come to realize. I was utterly unhappy. This period of lockdown, though, I viewed as an unprecedented chance to reevaluate my life's direction. I recognized that I had a choice: to stick with the story I was living or to rewrite a new narrative. That's when I decided to put my faith in my purpose and passion, and the pieces began falling into place. People often comment that they've never seen someone build a personal brand so rapidly, and I'm truly humbled by that acknowledgment. But what I always emphasize is that it's not about time; it's about alignment. I've learned that having contrast, experiencing the wilderness of being lost and miserable, and then discovering alignment and purpose, can make all the difference. 


[9:03] Can you share a specific action you took that enabled you to authentically tap into that state? 

This holds immense power, and I'm genuinely grateful you brought it up. I've truly delved into the spiritual aspects, like aligning with different frequencies and vibrational energy. Yet, I need to harmonize this with the practical. I've noticed a trend where some individuals, while well-intentioned, can lean too heavily into the spiritual realm, disregarding strategy and tactics. Balancing both is crucial. It's an unspoken truth, and for me, that realization hit during the lockdown. I observed endless distractions like TV shows and negativity, and I made a conscious choice not to be swept away by that tide. Instead, I took immediate action. In my journey, money wasn't my priority at first. I recognized the potency of personal branding and embarked on content creation. I didn't even have a laptop for the initial eight months, yet I persevered. Through Facebook, I utilized lookalike audiences, virtually shaking hands with people, and extending my network. My sole purpose was to build a community, and the excitement I felt when people appreciated my content was unparalleled. 


[14:38] Did this audacious goal and vision that you're talking about, was it clear to you from the start, or did it evolve and take shape as you progress forward?

I remember completing a run in Central Park and spontaneously giving birth to the CLS brand. It was a dormant idea I'd registered years before, activated on GoDaddy. Seated on a bench there, I shaped my brand. Returning home, I didn't possess a laptop. I flipped my phone around, recording a video selfie-style, outlining the brand's mission. This was the first time I truly felt clarity. The lockdown provided a stillness that allowed me to connect and filter out the noise. My aspiration wasn't to become the next Tony Robbins but to be the original Craig Segal, although Tony's work certainly influenced me. So, I envisioned a multi-lane highway, encompassing speaking, podcasting, coaching, book deals, and more. The goal was to become the "Apple" of personal development – reputable and high-quality. With the intention set, I aligned my actions accordingly. However, let me be transparent – I'm still in the process of figuring things out. While I'm quite accessible now and involved in intriguing opportunities, many are unexpected. 


[18:15] Could you share your journey, including the experience of your injury and the process of getting into running?

I recall that period vividly. I was deep into training for the Chicago event, while also preparing for a speaking engagement that involved some of our mutual acquaintances. The incident that transpired was a result of playing football on the beach and sustaining an injury. Initially, it was misdiagnosed as a ligament issue. However, it turned out that there was a tumor on my foot, which was quite astonishing. This experience fostered a significant change in my mindset – a shift from viewing life as happening to us, to understanding that it actually happens to us. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the situation, I chose to stay optimistic, maintain my course, and navigate through the process. The tumor was removed, and it was a relief to discover that it was benign. Following the surgery, something extraordinary occurred – I decided to run the New York City Marathon, even though I had no physical training due to the short timeframe. This decision wasn't solely about me; it was an opportunity to inspire others and redirect the focus toward a greater purpose. Moreover, it allowed me to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, a cause that held immense significance due to my father's battle with cancer. Cancer touches countless lives, including my own, and being able to contribute to this cause was deeply meaningful. Reflecting on it now, I'm reminded of the conversations we had during that time and the resilience that emerged from the challenges faced.


[19:45] Please tell us about your book and explain why it must be written and published at this moment in time.

A book was indeed one of the lanes on the 10-lane highway I envisioned, but timing and patience have been essential since my life reinvention, not just a career shift. As you might know, I got engaged last summer, and this change has transformed every facet of my life. My approach to the book reflects my newfound patience. Initially, I wanted a major publisher rather than self-publishing, akin to having a movie studio support my work. The idea was to build the brand, not rush things. The pivotal moment arrived when I saw success among my peers, like our mutual friend Ed Mylett, who partnered with Wiley for his book. Publishers started approaching me, including Wiley, and the timing felt right. Negotiating terms led to a gratifying deal, and I saw this as the right moment to embark on the book journey. The significance of the book lies in its introduction of CLS to the world, but it's more than just about me. People are curious about my journey, but I want them to realize that if I can achieve this transformation, anyone can. This isn't just about me fulfilling an assignment; it's my calling. I aim to empower others to rediscover their potential. 


[24:00] When individuals find themselves in this uncertain space, who can they engage in their thoughts or converse with to navigate away from that juncture? 

Playing it safe is actually the riskiest move we can make. It's important to create a sense of urgency for everyone. Our time here is limited, and while we're having this human experience, we mustn't forget that it's finite, with an expiration date. So settling for a life out of alignment, a life not filled with love and passion, is simply not acceptable.

I vividly recall the days when I would eagerly wait for the weekends, wishing work away. I've been through dark periods, where I tried escaping my reality with alcohol. But having connected with so many people, I've realized that this struggle to find deeper meaning is quite common. The moment you recognize you're destined for more than your current situation, that's a breakthrough. It means you're now aware of the possibilities beyond your current circumstances. What's crucial is gaining clarity on what that "more" entails and then taking action to steer your life in that direction. Success can come remarkably swiftly when you're aligned with your purpose.


[27:45] Have you encountered instances during your journey of transitioning and reinventing yourself where others didn't offer their support for the change you were going through?

Personally, I didn't face that. It's a rare occurrence. When I embarked on this journey, I felt a deep sense of excitement and clarity. I recognized that while I had succeeded in areas that weren't really aligned with my passions, like my past corporate job or running, which I enjoyed but wasn't naturally inclined towards, personal development was where my heart truly lay. For the first time, I committed to presenting myself genuinely, as the real Craig Segal, shedding my past tendencies of being a people pleaser. As I ventured into CLS and reinvented myself, I vowed to show up authentically, even if it didn't guarantee success. If I failed, at least it would be an honest failure. Interestingly, as I embraced my authentic self more and more, the world responded positively. However, some initially cheered me on but lost interest when things gained momentum. I don't dwell on it much, but I believe some people's reactions come from a place of seeing someone else pursue their dreams while they remain stagnant.


[39:45] What promise did God make to the world when he created you? 

That I would showcase that reinvention is ready when you are. 

Key Quotes

[27:50-27:54] Pain is what shapes you and moves you to the next level

[37:43-37:46] When someone excels at something, they are showcasing what is possible. 

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