Let it be easy, and be happy now with Susie Moore

By Mary Maxey
October 24, 2019

In this episode, our guest is Susie Moore. She is a confidence coach who helps people love their temporary, fleeting life. She is also the author of three books. Everybody who is bright and joyful has had some bad times. Today, we will go through her bad times and how she has been able to make successful shifts. 

[1:45] Why should I listen to you? 

Do you want to feel better? Hang out with me. My foundational intention everywhere I go is to be an uplifter, so if somebody approaches me, I take them seriously. 

[3:45] Can you guide us through the journey that allowed this mentality? 

We teach what we need to learn and write the books we need to read. When I was growing up, I had a lot of changes. I grew up with my mom and sisters and saw a lot of chaos. There were constant changes. If you have been abused or have an addiction, you will know what you experienced is about humans not feeling safe about how tomorrow will turn out. As a young adult, I thought I would get a job, have a husband and live a normal life. I thought I would figure out everything in my twenties. I was cool at first, making 500k a year. I got married and divorced. I got married to a new husband, but I was constantly feeling anxious at any moment. I was unable to take a breath, and I think this is very common for a lot of people. We try to control things. We are scared about how things are not in place, and I just don’t look at life from that perspective anymore. Knowing that this is safe and I consciously tune into it, it’s helping me, and there is no going back. 

[7:25] Did you ever feel like you didn’t deserve the success you have? 

Yes. First, when we grow up with a lot of anxiety and change. We can create expectations in our lives that are familiar. Even if it’s not good, we are comfortable because we are used to it. Secondly, I allowed myself to enjoy whatever it is I create. You need the courage to be happy. Maybe everything good that is happening, I can want while solving other problems. We can look at our background, but it should not be an excuse not to create something different for ourselves. You can choose to decide what your life will be, and for me, this is where the real magic starts from. There is magic available for you to be robust and create something different. What do I believe about this situation? Is it true? What else is true? I look at my younger self and just want to hug her. I have met a lot of women who use the word tierce, and strong but what about a relaxed woman? You can achieve big things in that way too. 

[13:22] How did you figure out navigating your experiences, and why did you start teaching others?  

I remember when a lady asked a guest speaker how he’s always available for events despite his busy schedule, and he said well, my body is busy, but my mind is still, and I saw that as a revolution. It’s possible. It’s just that we don’t think it’s available. The one calm, simple practice that allows me to retain my steadiness when I experience a negative emotion in my body, I always ask myself what I believe at that moment. Because at that moment, I’m rejecting reality. I think something is wrong or needs to be fixed, but whatever it is, I ask myself what I believe in that situation, whether it is positive or negative, and then like a detective, I will lovingly look to if something is wrong. 

[18:42] What’s the first time that happened to you? 

I remember having a coworker always flying off the handles when the management changed things. Whenever there is something wrong, she’s always like a machine gun. I was curious about it and noticed her when she was stressed. Through that, I began seeing how I act when stressed. It’s possible to have different reactions to things; through that, I became obsessed with learning different responses. In relationships, I was like, maybe there is something I can pay attention to and see what I’m creating. I have a relaxed husband who helped me get through my fears of something going wrong in my marriage. Sometimes, we are just not paying attention and learning by paying attention to things. I just want to live life and be happy at all times. 

[22:35] Do you have a big goal in life? 

I have goals, and I remember working towards them. I do my best because my dreams are apparent. What I know is that the actual accomplishments are very short-lived. Whether it’s your wedding day or you just got a new job, these moments are important but short-lived. Life is the same. The actual win we get, we become so used to them that it doesn’t make us happy as we think it should. So I think about different situations in my life-being present, being available, having great relationships, being silly, trusting my intuition, and being spontaneous. At this stage in life, I’ve promised myself to be at peace with myself no matter what happens. 

[26:00] Do you mind sharing what your book is about and who it is meant for? 

The book is a sensual collection of chapters talking about different topics. I speak about grief, the need to defend yourself, strange family relationships, divorce, etc. I said of the reality of living. It is different for everybody, but I speak about my story, which is present in everybody’s story. I shared so many different experiences that revolved around different things. I looked into different problems and different solutions for them. For example, I shared a lady’s predicament of not enjoying her marriage, and I gave her different solutions-maybe. You need a little spice in your sex life. Maybe you must stop being too serious and playful with your partner. Various solutions are always available, and I’m obsessed with getting whatever I want. I almost don’t care about what happens, even though I care. You are not moved by other boats lurking around you at this stage. Don’t let one person be the reason why you are happy. 

[45:34] Where can I send people to learn more about you?

I have this podcast where we speak about things that can help you improve that we don’t even realize. I do daily episodes of about 5 to + minutes, and you can listen when making a coffee or having your skincare routine. 

[46:19] What promise did God make to the world when he created you? 

I believe that we have something to contribute, which is exceptionally unique and essential, and I think the promise is that whatever happens, I can still have a good time. 

Key Quotes

[22:13-22:16] Don’t care too much about goals that you ignore your happiness.

[42:35-42:37] There are no straight lines in nature

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