Josh Whalen – The Truth About Hormones

By Mary Maxey
October 24, 2019

In this episode, our guest is Josh Whalen. He is the CEO and founder of Joiwellness. His story is about saving his marriage and how he found a passion for helping others save their marriage. Today, we will learn about his aww shift, how it’s shaped his life, and how we can learn from his personal experiences. 

[4:30] Why should I listen to you? 

Whether on a podcast show or a coffee shop, or we are running into each other for the first time, I think I’m an honest, authentic guy, either good, better, or ugly.

[5:21] Can you guide us through your journey to this point? 

We have two versions of our brand. We have the men’s side, books, and joy on the women’s side. Stepping back to how the company started was my struggle. I’m one of the men whose wife told him to get his shit together or he’s going to receive a divorce letter, and mine happen to be my sex drive. I was in my early thirties trying to figure out why. I went through my journey, which was a challenging and exciting story. And I finally figured out what hormones, testosterone, are and how important it is for men. I found that there are more accessible ways for many women to get therapists, and that’s how my brand was born. 

[7:33] How did you find a solution to this? 

I have been an entrepreneur in healthcare for 14 years. I like business, adventure, creating, and solving problems. As my struggle started, our clinic shut down for about seven solid months. As that happened, I knew I had to find a way out, and it felt amazing. It changed my life, my wife, my children, and my marriage. With business failing and a lot happening, I had to take advantage of it. I was driven to save other men because I knew I was not the only one going through that. I hate divorce, and luckily, what our company does now keeps divorce. I saw massive opportunities, and it was indeed a combination of many things. 

[10:33] What was the initial point of doing this entrepreneur thing? 

There are quite a few. One is compliance, knowing health care. This is not my first time in the healthcare industry. Also, knowing that you need a license in each state, a DEA to prescribe and control substances. Everybody knows that we are different. We don’t sell pills alone. We solve the problems from the inside out, but if you need pills, we can help solve those issues. But we are genuinely here to optimize individuals and solve those problems from the inside out. It is a challenge, and you have to conduct in-depth research, and we do that regularly. It allows us to build a solid rapport with our patients, and we do nothing less than 30 minutes call with each patient. So many chemical reactions in our bodies tell us how to act or feel every day. 

[15:40] What are the physical benefits of having a sex drive?

If I look at the testosterone rate, there is an optimal range, and you don’t want to be on that side. Both the low and high have significant health ramifications. We evolve on what we know about optimal testosterone and how it helps with the heart, energy level, cholesterol, and mood swings. Uch is a pol tool, and we are still evolving to it. 

[16:35] How do you know how much is low and how much is high? 

This is the kind of issue I have with western medicine. Everything in terms of what we know now is a range; we are based on that range of many other individuals in our general market. For example, healthy testosterone starts from 300 to 1000, and you know when your levels are good or bad. I can tell you that there is a massive difference between 300 and 1000. What we try to do is take a lot of symptoms-based questions and combine them with verifications and confirmation of blood. Most of our guys are somewhere between 700 and 11000 regularly. We don’t like to see people because of what the general population defines. We want the best for every guy out there. 

[18:35] How does somebody know when to make this decision? 

I think that decisions lie with every individual. I look at testosterone in two buckets: needs and wants. Some guys are genuinely on a spectrum, and some may not feel themselves. Maybe they’ve gained some belly fat, are not working out as much as they want, and so on. You know your body, and sometimes your partner might know you better than you know yourself. She might be giving you these nudges. That happens to me; I think it’s an individual or family decision. In my own opinion, there is a lot that goes on with masculinity. We are not taking care of ourselves, and that’s because we are being taught to toughen up, and I think we need to start talking about it more. 

[33:10] How did the joi concept come, by the way?

To dive back into my own story and why my testosterone level dropped, my wife and I had four miscarriages in about four years. Little do people know that when a woman goes through this process of having kids, the men’s hormones change automatically. I went through the process of trying to make things work. My wife conceived and breastfed the child and wanted to return to her regular version. She saw that my progress with me was not as efficient as before. My wife is a phenomenal part of the business now. Women resolve 80% of healthcare issues, a combination of our struggles.

 [40:32] What’s the process people go through, whether with you or somebody else? 

I will put them in two different categories. You should start with a lab to determine where you are and begin with one-on-one coaching sessions, and then, at that point, you can collect or determine what is best for you. Our process is easy. They will ask you questions, and then our team will contact you. Then, we will set you up on lab and s, video call, and determine if you are the right candidate for the therapy and drugs. If it requires injection, we also help you make that decision. 

[42:45] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

To get the authentic side of me. 

Key Quotes

[26:08-26:10] We need someone to talk to, whether it’s your guy, wife, or a random person. 

[28:40-28:43] The more you do something, the better you feel at it. 

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