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Rochelle Ceballos

Samantha Steele

The Campos’

Lecelia Harrison

Michael Marden

Michael Marden

I joined RECRE8 with Anthony Trucks, because it was different than any other program I’ve seen. I had met Anthony a couple times before, and I started watching his Nightly 90 online videos. The one thing that stood out was just how genuine he truly is. His videos always had a positive vibe. He seems just as emotionally invested as you are to see you succeed in your business, your health, and your relationships. The invitation to join RECRE8 came at a time that I was looking to change my business and career path, and I was not intimidated by the program.

Once I joined, I was able to meet people online from all over the world, and they all had similar interests, struggles and goals. These people were just like me. Being able to interact with people who can share their ideas, build strategies, and hold each other accountable was priceless. This program allowed me to surround myself with like minded people.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to RECRE8 themselves, to go through this program. It will really help you to understand why you may not be reaching your goals, and what you can do to start on the path to your success. You won’t be disappointed.

Misti Aufforth

Charlene Casiano

Holly Lombardi

Kelly Moran

Nicole Drummond

Nicole Drummond

What happens to a dream deferred?

As a divorced single mother having suffered great loss and trauma including an illness that resulted in some vision loss, my dreams had faded, and were close to disappearing. My faith, education, and professional experiences have provided remedies that allowed me to function. However, I still felt as though I was stuck in neutral unable to move forward.

Like most people, when first introduced to Anthony I found his energy and message infectious. However, I was skeptical and did more research only to be further impressed by his fortitude and tremendous ability to overcome obstacles. His capacity to Dztust his hustledz inspired me to trust mine and join the Recre8 membership.

Since joining my accomplishments include creating several new and exciting business opportunities, and travailing complicated emotional landscapes from which I have a new sense of well being. I have accomplished in 30 days in the Recre8 membership what I hadn’t been able to accomplish in years.

If you are serious about changing your life, Recre8 is the answer. Anthony has made it affordable, provides excellent content, and delivers material in an efficient manner in a format that is simple to navigate. His relentless drive to provide the members with helpful information reflects his nobility, integrity and strength of character. Attributes echoed in the safe and supportive space of small and larger group interactions. Anthony himself always being accessible.

So what does happen to a dream deferred? In Recre8 it is nurtured, revived, and celebrated allowing it to spring forth like the morning light!

Jaemi Serene

Lindsay Howe

Kristi Hargrow

Brian King

Samantha L. Steele

Samantha L. Steele

This is not a gym membership that you sign up for in January and forget, never use and by April wish you hadn’t signed the contract. Recre8 is month-by-month and I love that feature, but once you are in it you’ll see the opportunity for growth. Think of the times when you are having a bad day and you go on Facebook, only to be berated with complaints, but then you get a notification that someone in Recre8 has posted. You see the post and it is exactly the saving grace that you needed. You found your fight again and can engage with like-minded individuals who are going through or have overcome similar struggles just like you. The COMMUNITY alone is why you must Recre8. The course material will challenge you and it should, this isn’t about staying the same. “If you always do what you have always done you will always be who you’ve always been”, it’s time to Recre8. I joined Anthony’s previous course, RenewU, at a time my whole life seemed to have plateaued and not just my weight. I was going along to get along, but I knew I deserved more and no one was going to give it to me, I needed to invest in myself. Continuing on in Recre8 was a no brainer because RenewU was a 12-week intensive course, I barely had time to breathe in between the ah ha moments and tears. If a 12 week, fast paced course could revolutionize my thinking and help me challenge my perspective, imagine what 6 months can unveil. Anthony will teach you how to stop running away from yourself and to actually start running towards your true self. No more playing it safe, no more settling, it is time to see what the other side of a Recre8ed life looks like! I hope you will join me! See you on the other side!

Patricia Jones

Karen Goldstein

Kristi Hargrow


Lyndsay Howe

LaToya Johnson

Brian King

Brian King

Have you ever felt that you were meant to do more? Has life left you feeling like you need a little push to get you to that next step? Yeah, me too. It was in my search and my struggle to be and to do more that I discovered Anthony Trucks. I was drawn to his authenticity, transparency and heart to serve others in their journey. His message and guidance to “Trust Your Hustle,” and his membership program has been just that, a push to awaken andRecre8 trust in my dreams, hopes and desires. They have laid out a pathway to develop the potential that is already inside me, and they can do the same for you, too. If you are ready to become the person you were meant to be, I think you will find Anthony and his approach to be fresh, unique, solid and inspiring.

Samantha Steele

Theresa Thornton

Debbie Chandler

Nicole Kelsey

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